The idea…

The aim of the CELUM Usergroup is to create a platform that gives both customers and partners of CELUM and its products the opportunity to exchange ideas and support each other.

We want to create a network that makes it its task to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience within the CELUM community and to support each other.

The motivations…

A short time ago, various partners of CELUM came up with the idea of founding a manufacturer-independent association in order to be able to better exchange information in all areas related to DAM (Digital Asset Management) and to create a central point of contact for partners, customers, future customers, students and those interested in CELUM or DAM in general.

While in the Anglo-Saxon countries the subject of DAM has been a high priority in business strategy for years, it is still rather neglected in the DACH sector. In the USA and UK, there are now courses of study and professions that are only responsible for the topic of “Digital Asset Management”. There is a lack of knowledge in Germany, which we would like to counteract with this initiative.

The CELUM Usergroup Community is manufacturer-independent. The CELUM company supports the CELUM Usergroup, but is not represented in any committee and cannot exert any influence whatsoever.

We mainly address interested parties from the DACH sector and would like to bring the community together in regular conferences, workshops and roundtables to promote direct exchange and networking between CELUM users and service providers.

The topics at these meetings can be very diverse, but always focus on the intensive exchange around CELUM products, integrations, project solutions and other relevant topics. The goal is to support each other, to share and promote knowledge.

Lastly, the CELUM Usergroup should also be a joint representation of the interests of users and service providers vis-à-vis the manufacturer. What is discussed together at the conferences should be communicated to CELUM in a concentrated and constructive form and, if necessary, discussed with the persons responsible.

become a member…

You are interested in becoming part of our CELUM Usergroup Community? Then simply become a member! How?

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… and here you find the corresponding club statutes.

The next meetings of the CELUM Usergroup

6. CELUM Usergroup Meeting (at Arithnea in Munic)

Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 13:30 – approx. 16:30

Note: The meeting will be held in Englisch.

Pizza will be available at 12:30pm…
and on March 26th the CELUMIUM 2020 will take place.

We are currently working on the agenda. Please send your proposals to the board.

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The Board / The Presidium …

The founding board of the CELUM Usergroup

Roland Kannappel (president)

Julian Richter (Vice President)

Carsten Bischof (treasurer)

Daniel Brandt (Customer representatives on the Management Board)

Contact us

CELUM Usergroup
c/o brix cross media AG
Baslerstrasse 103A
4123 Allschwil